Take charge and create a satisfying and meaningful life.


We have accompanied thousands of individuals and organizations in their transformation since 2008.

Why do the Program?

You will develop personal strategies that will open possibilities in your life.

Fortify your self esteem and strength to successfully confront new and uncertain situations.

You will learn to listen, love, and value yourself.

You will become more self aware through shared experiences with people from around the world.

You will design and put in motion your Life Project with love, excitement, and a fresh outlook.

Conceptual Model of the Program

What does the Program consist of?

√ Monday to Thursday for seven weeks. 

√ It offers 28 topics for personal reflection directed by a professional coach. 

√ It includes individual and group exercises with a practical application to your life.  

√ You meet daily with people of all nationalities to share what you have learned.  

√ You will have the opportunity to present your final project in which you will share your progress and newly acquired knowledge. 

√ You have two Individual Coaching sessions. 

How much does the Program cost?

Special Promotion: Take advantage of the opportunity and sign up for 50€ / $59 USD

Our method revolves around working on the following values:


You will know how to listen to yourself and accept who you are. You will give yourself permission to emerge in your new life with your unique qualities and your maximum potential.


You will become sure of yourself and of your life. As a result you will act with the freedom to generate new and transformative initiatives.


You will build a new You taking responsibility for your actions and acting according to who and what you want to be while taking coherent steps.


You will bring out your fearlessness to see to it that what you wish to manifest does so indeed. You will be the master of your own destiny.


You will become a person who is committed to their own words and decisions, acting according to the promises undertaken from a state of total freedom.

The program includes:

What do people who have done the Program have to say about it?

If you want to make a leap and experience change and transformation like those who shared their stories above, don´t hesitate, reserve your spot for the presentation.

More information, Telephone: 675 779 191 / 675 778 435. Email:

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